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The art museum Haugesund Billedgalleri has for many years had relief printed art as a sentral focus. Ever since the art society Haugesund Kunstforening purchased the first colour woodcut Vampire by Edvard Munch in 1915, the museum’s holdings of relief printed art have increased at an irregular pace.

One of Norway’s greatest linocut artists in recent times, Trygve Goa (1925–2013), lived and worked in Haugesund. He was for many years the leader of Haugesund Kunstforening, then became the director of Haugesund Billedgalleri (1973–92). Through his insight and wide network, the museum was able to develop a significant collection of Norwegian printed art. In what has been termed ‘the decade of printed art’ – the 1970s – the museum collected a broad range of works. Quality and variation in content and formal means were emphasized as much as the artistic medium itself.

From 2008 and onward the collecting strategy came to focus more specifically on relief-printed art. In addition to works by Norwegian artists, one finds works by well-recognized international print artists such as Käthe Kollwitz, Max Beckmann, Conrad Felixmüller, Otto Pankok, HAP Grieshaber, Peter Brandes and Thomas Kilpper. The collection contains art from all corners of the world, thus putting the works by Norwegian artists in a broader context.

Relief printing is the world’s oldest printing technique. Interest in relief printing as an art form has gone in waves since the time of Edvard Munch and Expressionism, but it has never completely disappeared. Today’s artists renew the interest through using alternative approaches, experimentation, and mixed-genre methods.

To generate attention and interest in the field of art the city of Haugesund has been working to hold a festival dedicated to art and relief printing as an art form. Our own Mayor Arne-Christian Mohn has often pointed out that the field of visual art in Haugesund has not been emphasized to the same extent as music and film, and that the time is now over-ripe for doing something about it.

The AVTRYKK Festival is Haugesund Kunstforening (art society) and Norske Kunstforeninger’s (all of Norway’s art societies) national art festival, organized in connection with the annual meeting for the societies, this year in Haugesund. With the themes of printed art and ‘the art of making art accessible’, AVTRYKK focuses on how it is possible to facilitate the wider public’s engagement with contemporary art. AVTRYKK Festival will take place in Haugesund from May 9th until May 12th.

The HIT Festival (Haugesund Internasjonale Tresnittfestival) is Norway’s first international festival of relief printing. It aims at celebrating tradition and innovation within relief print, woodcut and linocut. The HIT festival is a juried exhibition, open for all print artists. Among the prints selected by the jury to proceed from the first stage, three works will finally be announced as prize winners with sums of respectively NOK 100 000, 50 000 and 30 000. The first prize winner will be invited to give a separate exhibition in Haugesund Billedgalleri (Haugesund Museum of Fine Art) in 2021. The winning work will be acquired by the gallery and made part of the gallery’s art collection. The HIT festival is a joint event between Haugalandmuseet dep. Haugesund Billedgalleri and Haugesund Municipality, and will take place in Haugesund Billedgalleri from May 10th to August 4th.

The two festivals have worked together to create a programme that includes diverse learning-and-engagement activities for children and adults, workshops, seminars, and a parallel programme with local people working in the fields of art and culture. Due to good collaboration between cultural workers, therefore this first edition is no less than a ‘double festival’: the HIT and AVTRYKK Festival!

Festival program

The HIT/AVTRYKK Festival have worked together to create a programme that includes diverse learning-and-engagement activities for children and adults, workshops, seminars, and a parallel programme with local artist opening their studios and presenting their work.

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HAUgesund billedgalleri

Haugesund Museum of Fine Art (Haugesund Billedgalleri) was founded in 1973, and is the department of visual art in the regional museum Haugalandmuseet. The collection focuses on visual art with a connection to the western part of Norway and on relief printed art.


Haugesund kunstforening (Art Society) was founded in 1913. Haugesund kunstforening´s regular exhibition galleries have been in Haugesund Billedgalleri since 1959. Haugesund Kunstforening yearly presents between 12 and 15 sales exhibitions; in addition to this, the society works with exhibitions, art-raffles, lectures and other activities in order to promote knowledge of and create interest in pictoral art.